August 26, 2014

basil basil I love basil

basil basil I love basil

I have been using Lavender essential oil for my families bug bites until NOW.  I was at dinner with some friends the other night and I was, apprently, aggresively itching a spider bite I had on my arm during dinner because it caught the attention of a couple of diners that were sitting with me.  Fortunately my oil guru was at this dinner and, of course,  had a few oils in her purse one being Basil.  Since I was at the point where I thought I might have to go home and saw off my arm in relief I grabbed the first oil she pulled out and dabbed it on.

A very curious thing happened.  Not only did it stop itching almost immediately (like within a minute) it seemed to actually take out the venum/poison/formic acid.  So like all mad scientists I tested this on other bites on other people.  They all stopped itiching immediatly AND the poison was pushed out of the infected area very shortly after applying.  Another amazing discovery from my Tribe to yours.

It is no surprise that Basil is a powerful antipasmodic and has antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

This oil is always in my purse now.  I use a therapeutic grade neat on bites/stings and bee/hornet stings.  Some other common uses of Basil are to help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, increasing milk in lactating mothers, viral hepatitis, snake bites, olfactory loss, infertility, earache, whooping cough, anxiety, chronic fatigue and cramps to name a few.

Using Basil for bites is just one more way you can make baby steps in the health of you, your friends and family.   I mean seriously this is exciting stuff here!!!