Flea and Tick Spray


Flea and Tick Spray

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Our Dogs/Best Furry Friends/Comrads to the end have extremely sensitive noses and smaller organs than we do>>so we took extra care in the development of this product.  Our proprietary blend is made to kill fleas and their eggs and to repel ticks, mosquitos, mites and flies.  We added organic vitamin E and organic aloe vera to help in keeping their coats healthy and to provide some relief of bites or irritations they may already have.  

As usual>>Shake this product before each use and stop using if irritation occurs

Be deligent in not spraying directly into your pooches face>>Instead spray on your own hands and rub around face and ears keeping it out of their eyes and nose.

Yes humans can spray it on themselves as well and Yes it is all natural, organic, and completely free of any chemical or toxin.

Smells like a walk through a wild flower and herb garden.  The Hints of Geranium, Peppermint and Eucalyptus are swoon worthy.  

Tested on our very own Weller Tribe Wippet, "Dodger", and our Weller Tribe Wire Hair Chihuahua "Pancho" as well as many other lucky locals.

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