Hand Sanitizer


Hand Sanitizer

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This all natural and Organic Hand Sanitizer uses a powerful germ killing blend of the very best essential oils we could find.  The Lime serves as the antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral hero in this blend.  Germs and bacteria have no chance between the Lime, Wild Orange, Lavender and Eucalyptus.  The scent of a citrus orchard is just a big bonus.

 A little organic aloe vera and organic vitamin E in there to keep your hands soft. 

Use on hands, feet, restaurant tables, classroom desks, hotel light switches (anything hotel really), shopping cart handles etc….Wherever germs need to die!!

Safe for the whole family

There is no alcohol or chemicals whatsoever used in producing this Weller Tribe favorite or any Weller Tribe product for that matter.

We use glass bottles because we use pure essential oils.  If you put essential oils in plastic they will actually eat away at the plastic and release chemicals from the plastic into your potion and that is what we are trying to stay away from….The Chemicals.  So YEAH for glass bottles!!

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